WEATHER: Might rain, might not – hard to say. Chance of sun and/or clouds, temps between -46 and 120℉
TRAFFIC: Bad where you are, also other places. Stay home
HOROSCOPE: Chance favors the prepared. Don’t buy into vague generalities. Reject platitudes and forge your own path. We’ve been over this.
SPORTS: Local major league franchise scores more points than other local franchise. Losing coach: “We should have scored more points.”
EVENTS: Your friend’s band that you have no intention of ever seeing is playing tonight. There’s some kind of loud festival going on this weekend and you won’t be able to park anywhere near the farmer’s market
MARKETS: ₳ 86.7 ㏎ 53.09 ㏄ 2.4 ⅐ 4.6 ㏒ 808 ☈ 10.0 ㎏ 3gd ₤ 902.25 ü 21.12 ฿ AFL1-3603 ℗ 19.84 ℀ x86 ッ3.14159 ℅ 2.718 § .57721 ‱ 4.6692 € 6.66 ₩ 1.618 ⅜ a2+b2=c2 ₭ ¤ ₴ ㎡ 69 ø 420 ⌫ 555 ∄ XIV ⌘ 24/7/365 ə
POLITICS: Holy crap, how does this keep getting worse
SCIENCE: Revolutionary medical breakthrough still ten to twenty years away

TreeActiv Solution hydrates and repairs chapped, blemished bark

Get your best bark ever with arborist recommended TreeActiv Solution!

It’s the only treatment with Druidol, the most powerful medication for scarring and peeling associated with seasonal wear on the outermost layer of tree cortex.

“TreeActiv was the only system that truly worked for me. I would recommend it to every tree, from bonsai to sequoia! My bark has never been so flawless and smooth!” – A. BIRCH


“TreeActiv works! It’s also the only product of its kind, so know that before comparison shopping.” – DR. JACK LUMBER, TREEOLOGIST
Muligan Stewart

Muligan Stewart

Mulligan types neatly and is punctual. He graduated summa cum dolus from William Gaines School of Journalism. Do not ever touch his stereo.

Food safety experts issue warning on Kombucha cupcakes

Food safety experts issue warning on Kombucha cupcakes

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New teen favorite app Scrapchat simply deletes messages instead of sending them

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The average amount of seconds a reader will squint at a confusing statistic before giving up
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