WEATHER: Might rain, might not – hard to say. Chance of sun and/or clouds, temps between -46 and 120℉
TRAFFIC: Bad where you are, also other places. Stay home
HOROSCOPE: Chance favors the prepared. Don’t buy into vague generalities. Reject platitudes and forge your own path. We’ve been over this.
SPORTS: Local major league franchise scores more points than other local franchise. Losing coach: “We should have scored more points.”
EVENTS: Your friend’s band that you have no intention of ever seeing is playing tonight. There’s some kind of loud festival going on this weekend and you won’t be able to park anywhere near the farmer’s market
MARKETS: ₳ 86.7 ㏎ 53.09 ㏄ 2.4 ⅐ 4.6 ㏒ 808 ☈ 10.0 ㎏ 3gd ₤ 902.25 ü 21.12 ฿ AFL1-3603 ℗ 19.84 ℀ x86 ッ3.14159 ℅ 2.718 § .57721 ‱ 4.6692 € 6.66 ₩ 1.618 ⅜ a2+b2=c2 ₭ ¤ ₴ ㎡ 69 ø 420 ⌫ 555 ∄ XIV ⌘ 24/7/365 ə
POLITICS: Holy crap, how does this keep getting worse
SCIENCE: Revolutionary medical breakthrough still ten to twenty years away

#1 Productivity drain at workplace: Customers

All this began when someone decided to let the general public enter the business premises.
Lines out the door mean that workers cannot complete other, non revenue-producing tasks.

PILOSA – An international study finds that the leading drain on productivity in the workplace is customers.

An annual report by the Hull-Klath Institute details the shocking statistic that up to 72% of workers’ duties are impeded by the presence of persons who buy goods or services.

No one has come up with a solution to the combination of booming business and understaffing.

“I’d get so much work done if there weren’t people coming in here all the time,” said EZ CheckCash customer service representative Ellie Geander. Her job includes various daily clerical tasks, all of which fall by the wayside when someone walks in the lobby. “Sometimes we’ve got a line through the lobby, and I just wonder who’s going to have time to clean the break room.”

“It’s definitely a hassle, and they’re not only coming in the door, they’re calling at any hour,” said Pizza delivery specialist Steve Longo, who also laments the constant intrusion of patrons in his store. “We’ve got dough to prep and onions to dice, but that doesn’t stop the constant surge of orders. I’m way behind on my bookkeeping, because we did about a thousand dollars over our projections the last two weeks.”

Employees at many businesses such as rent-to-own stores, pawn shops and liquidation agencies are flooded with new customers driven to them by unemployment and business failures. ”

Throngs of people wanting to spend money bog down employees just trying to do their jobs.

There really is too much work for us to do,” said Ron Calvert, owner of an auto repossession service. “I wish there was some place we could get more help.”

Muligan Stewart

Muligan Stewart

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Hammer and ‘Sicle

Hammer and ‘Sicle

Portrait sitting suddenly becomes still life

Portrait sitting suddenly becomes still life

VIAREGGIO, ITALY – Artist Ferri Palermo had to switch from painting a portrait when his subject, Patrizio Fingeri, dropped dead.

The average amount of seconds a reader will squint at a confusing statistic before giving up
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